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I put the text through an on-line Swedish to English translator   The output is somewhat amusing –  but you’ll get the drift of the article.
The photo caption reads:
Stina Friberg in the centers tries to reda out who as will nest where along with Mary Ryan left and Liisa Woodrow-Smith right.
Photo: Says Eenie Antonsson
The main article:
Hultsfred   The year’s edition of Virserum’s musical days has drawn in time. The concerts started during the Sunday and the international guests begun arrived wide lunch.

A genial confusion utbröt just after lunch wide Virserum’s church then the 29 Australians from Melbourne String Ensemble vällde from your bus and began to try acklimatisera itself in Virserum and to find your host families.
Gets nest in weekend cottages
Mary Ryan, that is president for stråkensemblen from Melbourne, and Liisa Woodrow-Smith striked for first past Stina Friberg that the now will nest at.
– I am with in Virserum’s gille and Tommy Svanström spoke on our annual meeting. He told that the needed more host families. The will become kul, says she and tells that the Australians will live in her weekend cottages in Öskögle.
Liisa Woodrow-Smith has a mum that originally comes from Estonia so she has been in Sweden earlier. For Mary Ryan on the other hand is the first time she is here:
– Sweden is a beautiful country, the is green and clean but presently is I little tired for we have traveled in 30 hours in stretches, says she.
Mary Ryan tells that the ensemble plans to do a travel abroad vartannat years and turnera in Australia vartannat years.
Danish gosskör
Latter on Sunday arrived also the 84 Danish sångarna in the royal gosskören from Copenhagen with your six conductors. Gosskören replied lateer for the concert after the opening of the musical days on the Sunday evening.

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