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Melbourne String Ensemble Tour

Since its formation, the MSE has been a touring orchestra. We have toured every major city in Australasia and every two years, MSE embarks on international tours to Europe, South East Asia or North America.

Music is an international language and touring is an important way for our students to develop broader perspectives on other cultures and their approach to music making.

On tour, MSE students have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with other youth orchestras playing joint concerts in wonderful concert halls such as the Liederhalle in Stuttgart, Tonhalle Maag in Zurich and Tartu University Hall in Estonia. It is important to play Australian works in other countries, and through the cultural exchange, Australian students develop international networks that benefit them greatly in their professional careers.

MSE further organizes masterclasses for students on their solo repertoire and we have worked with notable pedagogues such as;  Christoph Poppen, Maria Kliegel, Anke Dill, Wen-Sinn Yang, Ida Bieler, Johannes Goritzki, Mi-kyung Lee and Stephan Picard.

Below are some of the places MSE has visited as part of its extensive touring programme;

2007: Scandinavia - Sweden, Estonia, Russia and Finland
2010: Spain and Portugal
2013: Slovenia, Croatia and Italy
2015: Germany and Czech Republic
2018: Switzerland, Germany and Austria


2021 USA & Canada Tour

Planning is currently underway for the 2021 USA & Canada Tour. Taking place over the Easter holidays, students will work with various youth orchestras, take part in masterclasses with music industry professionals and perform at the Australian embassy in Washington DC. It will be a wonderful opportunity for our young musicians to form lifelong friendships with like minded students. In between rehearsals and performances, students will take in the sights of the vast and diverse regions of the USA. Stay tuned to hear more about our exciting journey ahead!

2018 European Tour

In April of 2018, 29 students and 11 parents toured the musically significant cities of Zurich, Stuttgart, Munich, Salzburg & Vienna. It was a significant musical and cultural experience for all thise involved, and included visits to cities that have produced some of Europe’s greatest classical composers.

MSE Auditions

MSE Auditions now open