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Entry to the MSE is by audition with the musical director, Fintan Murphy.  Auditions are held prior to any rehearsal or by arrangement with Fintan at another time. Entry is at the discretion of the musical director. A general guide for level is violinists need to be at least 8th+ grade AMEB standard and cellists 7th grade AMEB standard or equivalent.

Auditions requirements:


  • 2 contrasting pieces
  • Kreutzer study no 5-played spiccato (off the string ) choose one tempo from  metronome 88, 92 or 96-  the metronome will be used in the audition
  • A major (D major for viola), 3 octave scale, sautille two bows per note choose one tempo from 120, 126 or 132
  • Sightreading


  • 2 contrasting pieces
  • C maj- 2 bows per note spiccato (off the string), tempo 2 quavers at metronome crochet=132
  • AMEB grade 5 exercise no 1 bowing theme and variations- both scale and exercise to be played with metronome
  • Sightreading


Entry to the ISME is by Audition with Fintan Murphy.  Requirements include-

  • 2 contasting pieces
  • Sightreading

Generally players are expected to be at-

  • Violin/viola standard around Gr 7 AMEB or equivalent
  • Cello/Bass standard around Gr 5 AMEB or equivalent



Entry to the JMSE is by audition with Erica Russell.  Entry is at the discretion of the music director, but as a guide, string players need to be at an equivalent level to Grade 3+ AMEB.

For an audition please contact Erica Russell at or email