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MSE Specialists

The MSE programme is unique as it offers a variety of specialist classes throughout the year.


The Drama workshops focus on improvisation and movement. Improvisation requires students to spontaneously react to a new situation and be open to new ideas. It develops the skills of observation, listening, concentration, cooperation, and creative thinking. These skills, which are explored in a fun and creative way, are developed through short and extended role play. They are transferable skills which are fundamental components of musical ensemble playing.

One of the most important facets of Drama training is that of movement. The classes allow students to develop awareness of habitual patterns of movement and to experiment with different ways of moving. The aim is to enable students to gain control of the body in order to use it in specific ways; to experiment with how the body can be used to express ideas, convey feelings, and tell a story.

The first priority for musicians in a movement session is to release physical tension and free the breath. The movement work the students do is based on the expert teaching of Rudolph Laban, who devised eukinetics, a theoretical system of movement. This system allows students to explore the full range of movement with an emphasis on breath, rhythm, weight, space and flow. In Drama, the art of movement requires an understanding of both the inner impulse and external action. The importance for musicians to develop body awareness, an internal sense of pulse, and freedom from tension are all addressed throughout the year.

Alexander Technique

Alexander technique is used by leading music institutions to help students develop awareness of their bodies. Just as a tight body inhibits free movement, free bodies and efficient movements help develop greater accuracy when playing an instrument. All our students regularly take part in Alexander Technique workshops to assist with freedom of movement and expression when playing their instrument. It also ensures that students who spend long hours playing are less likely to develop an injury.

MSE Auditions

MSE Auditions now open